Wine Harvest with Liber Pater


We’ve all heard of “Bring your own” – but what about “Make your own”? With the wine in question being a Bordeaux which is a perennial winner of red wine awards; one widely (including by resident Robb Report wine expert Lewis Chester) considered the finest on the planet?

Participants in this life-enriching experience will fly into Bordeaux then spend three nights in a chateau with owner and vigneron Loïc Pasquet: one of the most deservedly lauded figures in the oenological world and owner of Liber Pater.

The group of passionate oenophiles taking will then get to harvest their own grapes from 11,000 year old wine stocks, stamp them, create their own bespoke labels with Loïc (who will even sign them), then take part in the bottling of their very own Denarius. A case of 24 bottles, following two years aging, will be shipped to wherever participants are in the world.

As well as sharpening up their wine knowledge in the excellent company of Loïc, leading sommeliers and like-minded oenophiles, the participants will get to enjoy picnic lunches and Michelin-starred dinners – one of which will involve produce harvested during a day of pigeon hunting, lake fishing and mushroom picking. 

From €33,600 per couple

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